Axis Tsc-441 Extra Heavy Duty Cylinder Bed Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine

The Axis Tsc-441 leather sewing machine features an extra large barrel style shuttle hook which is the same hook used in the Durkopp Adler 205-370 and Juki TSC-441. This leather stitcher features a compound feed design with triple feed — it has a needle feed, walking foot, and feed dog. This leather sewing machine has a full reverse mechanism that is capable of sewing the same length stitch in forward and reverse. The feeding action of this machine allows it to crawl over multiple layers of material with ease.

This Axis Tsc-441 leather sewing machine features a 16.5 inch long arm which allows ample room to sew large projects. The presser foot lift of the machine is about 1 inch and the machine is capable of sewing most materials up to a maximum sewable thickness of 3/4″-7/8″.

A full array of special sewing attachments are available for this machine such as flatbed work platform, left toe foot, right toe foot, double toe foot, blanket foot, material guide, as well as holster needle plates, flat slotted needle plates, and stirrup needle plates. With Powerful and Quiet Energy Saving Servo Motor + Speed Redcuer that allow you accurate Speed Control. Axis Tsc-441 is the only maker of machines that offers solid stainless steel presser feet and needle plates.

Applications: saddles stitching, harness stitching, safety belts, shoes making, sheath, footwear, sofa, furniture upholstery, heavy and light tack, tire covers, footballs, punching bags, boxing bags, golf bags, baseball bags, softball bags, filter bags, handbag, fiber slings, lanyards, industrial safety products, military webbing, hoists.