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Liya International Group Ltd Story

Liya International Group Ltd Story

Liya International Group Ltd. history

In 2009, we get an order of supplying second hand sewing machines while we had not department deals in used sewing machine, we were dealing only in new sewing machine and its spare parts, it was the first request of second hand, though we go though the order and we study this new idea, it was new idea in China, no one thought of such challenge earlier in China.

We decided to make trial, we dedicate a small room for this experiment,  we collected few pieces, we disassembly all the spare parts then changing it into new spare parts. The result was amazing sewing machine it was 100% similar to the new one. We show these sewing machines to friend, none was able to distinguish that it were used, still we were not fully trusting in this new line thus we never label our brand name one these machines.

We shipped the first order which was 220 sewing machines to Chennai, we were so worry of the customer feedback, we were waiting for container arrival to Chennai. In next day of arrival, we get a call from our customer says that all the sewing machines sold within one day, we shocked of this response.

On the same day based on the customer response we took decision to establish a company to deal only in refurbished sewing machines. The new company named (Liya International Group Ltd). The first order for the new company was three containers for the same customer. The end user and wholesalers in India were surprising for high quality sewing machine at such price. It takes very long time till discovered that the machines was renew, this happened by mistake from our customer himself.

Gradually, wholesalers and customers start to visit us, all of them surprising   looking for us, Now we have customers from all over the world; India, Pakistan, Egypt, Sri Lanka, UK, USA. Canada….etc.

tomsewing used sewing machines stores

tomsewing used sewing machines stores

Many thanks to Mr Sundaram.

We are going to continue used sewing machines business in  another 30 years