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  • Best Used Sewing Machines Pfaff 3811
  • Best Used Sewing Machines Pfaff 3811

Best Used Sewing Machines Pfaff 3811


Best Used Sewing Machines Pfaff 3811 Single needle, flat bed, Chain Stitch, Gathering Machine nice

Best Used Sewing Machines Pfaff 3811 sewing machine cheap

The accuracy of the gathering work plays a decisive role for the design, processing and the overall visual

impression of the finished products. The PFAFF class 3811 fittings possess a number of features which are suitable


  • flexible adaptation to many types of material
  • exact gathered sections
  • even gathering effects and
  • efficient processing operations.

Special features:

  • Special fittings such as differential top and bottom feed
  • Easily accessible, large surface keyboard
  • 30 gathering amounts
  • Adaptation of the standard gathering amounts for light to heavy materials using the + and – keys
  • Unique sewing program system due to the automatic establishment of the machine parameters after the ACTUAL and REQUIRED length of a gathering section has been entered
  • Can be used in conjunction with the CAD-system assyPLAN (see extra leaflet “PFAFF 3811 with assyPLAN“)
  • Maintenance-free edge trimmer with pivot bearing and knife fitted at a slanted angle in the direction of feed to help the material throughput.

pfaff sewing machines for sale

Details of used second hand old 2nd sewing machines:
1. Examined to confirm that these machine heads are old used second hand complete and in working condition. The result of this examination was satisfactory.
2. Confirm, maintenance of machines has been carried out as per manufacturer’s recommendation, sewing machines are not repaired and not re-conditioned.
3. Certify, sewing machines are in good condition, with proper use and maintenance, they should have residual life of 8 (eight) years.
4. Cost of sewing machines quoted by seller is economical, taking into consideration age, usage and residual life compared with the cost of new sewing machines priced

pfaff sewing machines for sale used

Best Used Sewing Machines Pfaff 3811

Best Used Sewing Machines Pfaff 3811



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