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  • Sewing Machine Cheap Brother KE-430B Electronic Bartack

brother ke-430b used bartack sewing machine for sale

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brother ke-430b used bartack sewing machine for sale

Sewing Machine Cheap Brother KE-430B Electronic lockstitch bar tacker:

  • Stitch formation:Single needle lock stitch
  • Maximum sewing speed:2,700rpm
  • Maximum pattern size:30 × 10 mm max.
  • Feed mechanism:R-θ intermittent feed mechanism (pulse-motor driven mechanism)
  • Stitch length:0.1-10.0 mm
  • Number of stitches:Variable (14, 15, 19,21, 22, 28, 29, 30, 35,42, 43, 45, 56, 58, 64stitches pre-set)
  • Maximum stitch number:20,000 stitches (including 10,000 stitches which can be added)
  • Work clamp lifter:Solenoid type
  • Work clamp height:17 mm max.
  • Rotary hook:Shuttle hook (shuttle hook 2, optional)
  • Wiper device:Standard equipment
  • Thread trimmer device:Standard equipment
  • Thread take-up device:Standard equipment
  • Data storage method:P-ROM (Any sewing pattern can be added using BAS-PC/300.)
  • Number of user programs:16
  • Number of cycle programs:4
  • Motor:Three-phase 400W induction motor
  • Weights:Machine head: 52kg, Operation panel: 0.6kg,Control box: 9-19kg (depending on destination)
  • Power source:Single-phase 220-230V
                             3-phase 220, 380, 400, 415V
                             Maximum electric power consumption; 600VA

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Sewing Machine Cheap Brother KE-430B Electronic Bartack

Sewing Machine Cheap Brother KE-430B Electronic Bartack

We professional supply good working condition used second hand 2nd hand old sewing equipment with more than 6 years. Our headquarters is in TAIZHOU CHINA, warehouse is in XIAMEN CHINA.Each used second hand 2nd hand sewing machine should be washed, clean, tested, with complete spare parts before shipment. We export more than 6 containers every month We specialize in Rebuilt Recondition sewing equipment and spare parts. Here are some sewing machine brand names:Juki, Brother, Pegasus, Singer, Pfaff, Durkopp, Kansai Special, Mitsubishi , Seiko, Union Special, Yamato, Siruba, Golden Wheel, Treasure, Cornley, Merrow, Jack and Zoje,They made in Japan, China, Germany, USA, Italy, Korea, Taiwan and France.
Our business policy: excellent quality and reasonable price.
Welcome to visit our used sewing machine warehouse.

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Details of used second hand old 2nd sewing machines:
1. Examined to confirm that these machine heads are old used second hand complete and in working condition. The result of this examination was satisfactory.
2. Confirm, maintenance of machines has been carried out as per manufacturer’s recommendation, sewing machines are not repaired and not re-conditioned.
3. Certify, sewing machines are in good condition, with proper use and maintenance, they should have residual life of 8 (eight) years.
4. Cost of sewing machines quoted by seller is economical, taking into consideration age, usage and residual life compared with the cost of new sewing machines priced

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