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  • Button Hole Maker JUKI MEB-3200JS
  • Button Hole Maker JUKI MEB-3200JS

Button Hole Maker JUKI MEB-3200JS


Button Hole Maker JUKI MEB-3200JS Electronic-Programmable Buttonhole second hand industrial sewing machine

Button Hole Maker JUKI MEB-3200JS computer-controlled thread tension mechanism

  • Application:Jeans
  • Thread trimming style:Shorter remaining thread
  • Stitch system:1-needle, double chainstitch (with gimp)
  • Max. sewing speed:400~2,200sti/min✽1 (100sti/min✽1 step)
  • Sewing length:
    • Work clamp type S
    • 16~24 (26)mm: optional
    • Work clamp type M
    • 24~32 (34)mm: standard
    • Work clamp type L
    • 32~40 (42)mm: optional
  • Needle throwing width(at the time of delivery):2.6~4.0mm✽3(2.5mm)
  • Taper bar length:0mm, 3~15mm
  • Work clamp height:13mm (max. 16mm)
  • Method for changing stitch shape:By selecting a program
  • Buttonhole cutting method:By cut-before knife or cut-after or without buttonhole cutting
  • Feed system:Intermittent feed by stepping motor
  • Cloth cutting knife drive system:Vertically driven by stepping motor
  • Needle(at the time of delivery):DO×558(Nm120) Nm110~Nm120
  • Lubrication:Automatic (looper and spreader: by an oiler)
  • Lubricating oil:JUKI New Defrix Oil No.2 (equivalent to ISO VG32)
  • Compressed air and air consumption:0.5MPa 6dK/min (ANR) [8cycle/min]
  • Power requirement and power consumption:Single-/3-phase, 550VA
  • Dimensions:1,060mm (W)×790mm (D)×1,230mm (H)
  • Total weight:185kg

Button Hole Maker JUKI MEB-3200JS

Button Hole Maker JUKI MEB-3200JS

juki sewing machine buttonhole maker

Details of used second hand old 2nd sewing machines:
1. Examined to confirm that these machine heads are old used second hand complete and in working condition. The result of this examination was satisfactory.
2. Confirm, maintenance of machines has been carried out as per manufacturer’s recommendation, sewing machines are not repaired and not re-conditioned.
3. Certify, sewing machines are in good condition, with proper use and maintenance, they should have residual life of 8 (eight) years.
4. Cost of sewing machines quoted by seller is economical, taking into consideration age, usage and residual life compared with the cost of new sewing machines priced

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