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  • JUKI DLU-5490
  • Cheap Sewing Machines JUKI DLU-5490

Juki dlu 5490 Cheap Sewing Machines Used Japan Tomsewing

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Cheap Sewing Machines JUKI DLU-5490,used embroidery machine for sale.With its microcomputer control, the machine achieves high-quality shirring with consistency. The machine enables even inexperienced operators to perform shirring operation smoothly and easily.

We have JUKI DLU-5490\JUKI DLU-5490-6\JUKI DLU-5490-7 to sale.

Brand JUKI
Type of Feed 1 Needle, Bottom and Variable Top Feed
Type of Material Light to Medium
Has Built in Motor? Yes
Has Automatic Features? Yes
Built in LED Light? No
Type of Lubrication Fully Automatic
Max. Sewing Speed Max 4500 spm
Max. Stitch Length Max 5mm
Presser Foot Lift Height (by knee – max 13mm)
Needle System DB x 1

Excellent condition

Please pay attention, we offer sewing machine,  table stand, clutch motor  separately

The dealers always buy  sewing machine heads with oil tank only, There will be about 700 pieces 2nd Industrial sewing machine heads  in 20′ container

There are about 220 sets  used sewing machines in 20′ container,  heads ,  table stand,  clutch motor , new accessories,

we can provide special sewing machines to garment factories directly , for example JUKI AMS 210 programmable pattern sewing machines, we can setup ,test , it is ready to use.

Any question please call Mr Fang+86-576-8347-3717

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Cheap Sewing Machines JUKI DLU-5490

Cheap Sewing Machines JUKI DLU-5490


Cheap Sewing Machines JUKI DLU-5490

Cheap Sewing Machines JUKI DLU-5490

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