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juki industrial sewing machine

Higher productivity.

OPERATION PANEL (You can choose operation panel.)
Since the machine is provided with active tension
mechanism, it is able to set a needle thread
tension that matches various sewing conditions
(such as thread, material and sewing speed) on
the operation panel, store the data in memory
and reproduce it.
The needle thread tension can be set separately
according to the portion of a seam, such as the
beginning of a seam, during sewing and end of
the seam (fastening stitch).
When the operation panel IP-410B is used with
the machine, the needle thread tension can be
established on a stitch-by-stitch basis for upgraded
seam quality.
The machine is provided as standard
with the active tension (electronic
thread tension control mechanism).
The machine is provided as standard with 50 different sewing
patterns. The machine permits easy changeover of sewing patterns for
effortless execution of an inexhaustible range of sewing specifications.
The LK-1903A is also able to sew buttons using the same data used for
the LK-1903 (EP-ROM).
Many different sewing patterns.
Newly developed needle thread grasping mechanism helps produce
consistent knot tying at the beginning of sewing. (This device has been
factory-set to “invoking prohibited” status at the time of delivery.)
Excellent seam quality.
The machine is provided as standard with auto-lifter that uses a
new stepping-motor system. This helps reduce operator fatigue.
It is also possible to change over the stroke of the auto-lifter from a onestep
stroke to a double-step stroke, which offers easier positioning of a
material on the machine. For the double-step stroke, an intermediate
stopping height can be established on the operation panel.
The work clamp foot lift can be set to a maximum of 13mm.
Auto-lifter mechanism utilizing a new system.
In cases where the needle entry point for button sewing is to be
corrected, the sewing starting point can be corrected without the
adjustment of the relevant mechanism.
The sewing starting point can be corrected.
Thanks to our advanced dry-head technology, the frame (needle bar
and thread take-up) no longer requires lubrication. This prevents
the material from being stained with lubricating oil.
Just a small quantity of clean oil is supplied from the oil tank to the hook.



We professional supply good working condition  used second hand 2nd hand  old sewing equipment with more than 6 years. Our headquarters is in TAIZHOU CHINA, warehouse is in XIAMEN CHINA.

Each used second hand 2nd hand sewing machine should be washed, clean, tested, with complete spare parts before shipment. We export more than 6 containers every month

We specialize in Special Sewing Equipment and Rebuilt Recondition sewing equipment and spare parts. Here are some sewing machine brand names:

JUKI INDUSTRIAL SEWING MACHINE, Brother, Pegasus, Singer, Pfaff, Durkopp, Kansai Special, Mitsubishi , Seiko, Union Special, Yamato, Siruba, Golden Wheel, Treasure, Cornley, Merrow, Jack and Zoje,

They made in Japan, China, Germany, USA, Italy, Korea, Taiwan and France.

Our business policy: excellent quality and reasonable price

Welcome to visit our used sewing machine warehouse.

There are lockstitch sewing machine, overlock sewing machine,  interlock sewing machine, cover stitch sewing machine, zigzag sewing machine, feed-off-the-arm chainstitch sewing machine, embroidery sewing machine, button hole industrial sewing machine, eyelet buttonhole sewing machine, bartack sewing machine, button sewing machine,  leather sewing machine, shoe sewing machine, sewing machine for jeans ,  mens suit sewing machine, jacket sewing machine , leather gloves sewing machine , leather sofa sewing machine plus much more.

Liya International Group Ltd is the member of SHENZHEN CHAMBER of  E-BUSINESS and TAIZHOU CLOUD CHAMBER of COMMERCE.


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