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zig zag sewing machine JUKI LZ-2290A-SS

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zig zag sewing machine JUKI LZ-2290A-SS

Computer-controlled, Direct-drive, High-speed, 1-needle, Lockstitch, Zig zag Stitching Machine

A single LZ-2290A Series machine is extremely versatile and can perform many different stitching patterns.

It comes in two different models, one with standard specifications
and the other with an anti-material slip capability. For both
models, there are two subclass models, i.e., the “minute-quantity
lubrication type” and the “dry-head type”, which eliminates oil
stains on sewing products. You may select the best-suited model
from the diversified subclasses according to your applications.
The machine is also provided with a newly-developed operation
panel, the IT-100. With this operation panel, you can easily
establish settings for stitch shapes and stitches, as well as conduct
setup changing, thereby achieving further increased availability.

The machine is provided as standard with fourteen different
basic zigzag stitching patterns grouped into eight different
types. You can choose the zigzag stitching pattern you want
directly on the operation panel (IT-100) of the machine body.
The zigzag width, needle throw position and number of blind
stitches can also be easily adjusted on the operation panel.

A single unit is extremely versatile and can perform straight
stitching, standard zigzag stitching, 2-step zigzag stitching,
3-step zigzag stitching, scallop stitching, and blind stitching.
As a result, the system is available for a far wider range of

A liquid crystal display has been
adopted. It displays stitch shapes,
zigzag width and standard lines with
pictographs and settings all together
on one screen to improve operability
of the panel.

The machine has added capabilities
that make the most out of the
computer-controlled sewing machine
functions, such as program stitching
(constant-dimension sewing), cycle
sewing and continuous sewing.
With these capabilities, the machine is
able to respond to sewing in various

Custom pattern data can be stored
using the same USB memory.This
enables the sharing of custom
patterns, not only in one plant, but
also among two or more sewing
plants, by exchanging data via e-mail



Type                                                                      Standard

Max. sewing speed                                            5,000sti/min

Max. zigzag width                                           10 min(in increments of 0.1 min )

Needle throw mechanism                                Computer-controlled

Max. Stitch length                                           5.0mm

Hook                                                                    DP hook (with titanium-treated inner hook)

Thread take-up                                                 Rotary type

  1. 80% new
  2. Stitch tested in good working condition
  3. Safty packing, export service


zig zag sewing machine

zig zag sewing machine

zig zag sewing machine

zig zag sewing machine

zig zag sewing machine

zig zag sewing machine

zig zag sewing machine



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