AXIS DNU-1541S Upholstery Leather Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine


The AXIS 1541S is one of the most popular upholstery sewing machines in the world.  With this machine, you have unmatched quality, value and security.  This is the ideal machine for sewing medium to heavy weight leather, canvas, vinyl and furniture upholstery fabrics.   This machine is equally capable in the hands of professionals and hobbyists.  Always beautiful and consistent stitches, easy to adjust, and easy to operate.


With its larger needle bar stroke, higher presser foot lift, and newly adopted double-tension mechanism, the machine offers excellent sewing capabilities and responsiveness.

The machine’s rectangular feeding motion promises the consistent feeding of materials of all thicknesses without stitch gathering.


Product Information

  • A sewing machine like the AXIS DNU-1541S allows users to complete sewing tasks quickly and efficiently. Equipped with a larger stroke with the needle bar, this needle-feed sewing machine provides users with more response and a smoother sewing session. In addition to an increased needle bar stroke of 36 mm, this AXIS DNU-1541S sewing machine allows users to experience a quick, clean session with its sewing speed of 2,500 stitches per minute. Different from a typical sewing machine, the Axis Dnu-1541s has a maximum stitch length of 9 mm and a special rectangular motion that is capable of handling various types of fabric. This needle-feed sewing machine can easily feed through thicker materials and has a rectangular-shaped feed to keep the needle from fraying. The Axis Dnu-1541s has an intuitively designed mechanism that includes a double tension feature that gives users up to 16 mm presser foot lift clearance by knee. The AXIS DNU-1541S sewing machine is ideal for those who are looking for a machine that ensures sewing projects go smoothly and quickly with no gathering or bunching.

    Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine

    Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine