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  • Bar Tack Machine JUKI LK-1852
  • Bar Tack Machine JUKI LK-1852

Bar Tack Machine JUKI LK-1852

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Bar Tack Machine JUKI LK-1852 Bartack Sewing Machine

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Bar Tack Machine JUKI LK-1852 used second hand 2nd hand old  bartack machine.

  •  Bar tacking for various kinds of clothing such as suits, jeana and work clothes, also applicable for eye-let buttonhole tacking.
  •  Adjust the tack length and tack width easily.
  • Automatic thread trimmer.
  • Auutomatical presser lifting.
  •  Concentrated lubricating.
Sewing Speed
1800 s.p.m
Needle Use
Stitch Length
8-16 mm
Stitch Width
1.5-3 mm
Press Foot Lift High
13 mm
370 w
Gross Weight
48 kgs
Packing Size
78*36*55 cm

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Bar Tack Machine JUKI LK-1852

Bar Tack Machine JUKI LK-1852

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