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Kansai Special DLR-1508P Used Sewing Machine

Kansai Special DLR-1508P Used Sewing Machine Waist Band Attach Machine Round Body From Top Green

Buy Used Sewing Machine Kansai Special DLR-1508P waistbands sewing machine


1508P Kansai sewing machine
waistbands sewing machine
1-4pin platform-type horizontal
curved needle

double loop seam waistband

High speed balanced feed, stitch beautiful

kansai special dlr 1508p

kansai special dlr 1508p Tomsewing

Lap seaming, attaching waistbands and line tapes and inserting elastic, major features of BH 15 series are wide range of applications on mid-heavy and heavy weight fabric and special unique rear puller mechanism, these features enable BH15 series to produce and uniform stitches on mid-heavy and heavy weight fabrics.

Our 1508P are 100% Kansai type and quality the same.

Usage: sewing equipment,

degree of automation : semi-automatic
Thickness : thick material

trace type: quilting
Brand: Kansai

model : the DLR – 1508P
Suitable place: the factory with

the role of object : Fabric
Drive Type: electric Number of

needles : 4
Line : 8

head : single-head machine
Product Type: Used T

otal Weight : 80 ( Kg)
Alias: rubber car

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 Details of used second hand old 2nd sewing machines:
1. Examined to confirm that these machine heads are old used second hand complete and in working condition. The result of this examination was satisfactory.
2. Confirm, maintenance of machines has been carried out as per manufacturer’s recommendation, sewing machines are not repaired and not re-conditioned.
3. Certify, sewing machines are in good condition, with proper use and maintenance, they should have residual life of 8 (eight) years.
4. Cost of sewing machines quoted by seller is economical, taking into consideration age, usage and residual life compared with the cost of new sewing machines priced

kansai special dlr-1508p manual

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